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24/7 On Demand House Flipping Education

Fixters Academy is the most affordable and comprehensive online education course designed specifically for the first time flipper and real estate investor. Learn everything you need to know to start your business, find and finance properties, renovate the right way and sell your property. Need help, Fixters Coaches are just a mouse click away. Get lifetime access to Fixters Academy materials plus updates at no additional cost.

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The #1 Cloud based House Flipping Software

Fixters Dynamic House Flipping Software has been developed to take the guesswork out of flipping houses. This project management tool delivers a systematic approach to house flipping unmatched in the industry. Easily create accurate and detailed pre-purchase house evaluations in minutes, build a powerful scope of work with zip code specific pricing, order discounted materials, generate vital financial reports, and much more.

Software built for House Flippers... by House Flippers.

The Complete and Affordable System for the First Time Flipper

Our Story

We started flipping houses five years ago with almost no experience in the industry. What we did have, however, was our work ethic and our intense desire to break free of the daily grind. This passion to do something else turned into real life experiences as we successfully remodeled and sold hundreds of properties. Everything we learned, we want to share with you! So we created Fixters.com - the most affordable, comprehensive and powerful house flipping education and software system anywhere.

Just like you, we yearned for the opportunity to obtain financial freedom and a flexible schedule in an industry with an unlimited supply of products and customers. We didn’t want to be in the typical brick and mortar business with depreciating assets. We wanted something we knew was possible and allow us to control our own destiny.

Most people who attempt flip houses don’t get trained or educated. We didn’t because we had no choice. Nothing existed at that time to help us through the hard times. We’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. Flipping houses is a great way to make money, but not always as simple as it seems. Nearly every profession or trade requires education and training, so why would flipping houses be any different? When you flip a house, you might even be making the largest investment of your life. Why would you do it without getting the education, training and support you need to make it work? You wouldn’t.

Most house flipping training companies tell you they have “unlocked the secrets to making money”. The only secret is that they make money by taking yours – sometimes in upwards of $50K for the “free seminar”, the 3-day retreat, the “mentoring” program and the list goes on. We strongly believe there are no secrets or shortcuts but rather opportunity for people like you to become people like us. We are hardworking professionals who understand that to flip houses successfully, you need work ethic, comprehensive education, industry leading partners and the right tools. Welcome to Fixters.com!

- Tom Hurford

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  • Fixters Testimonial

    "My husband and I have attended several Fix and Flip courses in Florida. They barely teach you anything over 3 long days, then want you to pay over $35,000 and more to get the “real” training. We got trained and were given support and software. It’s awesome!"

    -- Kim and Brian M. (FL)

  • Fixters Testimonial

    "I have been an educator and school administrator most of my adult life. I wanted more freedom and I have always loved watching fix and flip shows. I attend every class I can and get bits and pieces, but never the whole process. Fixters Academy connected the dots and I am on my way."

    -- Christina R. (CO)

  • Fixters Testimonial

    "I joined Fixters because it seemed reasonably priced and you get a lot of stuff. I have flipped a few places, but the classes helped a lot. Project software is easy, but I needed training at the beginning. I recommend."

    -- Steve B. (OK)

  • Fixters Testimonial

    "Very easy to use. Fixters.com is both simple and highly adaptable. I've never seen anything like it. I would be lost without Fixters.com"

    -- Dwaine L. (NE)